Yass to Wagga

The 132kV Yass to Wagga Line Upgrade project was to replace the existing wooden H 132kV structures with new concrete mono pole structures, replace the old 115km Banana conductor with new Lemon conductor.

The project cost was valued at $18 million, the start date of the project was July 2008 and the project was completed in Mar 2010.

The activities for the project was to demolish and rebuild the existing power line, to the new standards. To do this we needed to assess the access routes and roads to each structure location, building roads and pads to facilitate the upgrade works. And also liaising with the land owners to access their properties in such a fashion as not to disturb the daily routine of the farmers.

The terrain from Yass to Wagga Wagga is not as flat as one may suspect, there are a few challenging mountain ranges which had to be crossed. This meant building pads and accessing site with large construction plant was difficult at certain locations.

The location for this job was in a rural area and most of the properties we needed to access were owned by famers who were sheep farmers and a few cattle farmers. Ensuring that gates were always left in the open or closed position specified by the landowner was a huge problem with the construction workers. This was something that we needed to address and we overcame this issue without any disruption to the farms and farmers.

The quality of the project was exceptional, but the duration of the project was more than what was programmed due to landowner concerns, this project was still completed within budget.

Key project


  • Transmission Line Refurbishment
  • High Voltage Overhead
  • Zero Quality Non Conformance
  • Highly Varied Terrain
  • Demolition of Existing Structures