NJ Construction has successfully completed the Richlands to Sumner Tee Transmission Line Refit for Powerlink. This involved undertaking the refurbishment of 15 x 110kV Double Circuit Lattice Steel Transmission Line Towers for Powerlink in the Brisbane Western Suburbs, QLD. The project commenced in April 2015 and was completed in August 2015 and the value of the project was approx. $3 Million.

This work included minor clearing and earthworks, the installation of ground earthing systems, strengthening of foundations, design and replacement of steel members and bolts, installation of anti-climb devices and signage, surface preparation and painting of the tower, and removal of previously applied hazardous paints (including asbestos infused and lead based) including disposal.

The tower locations had a variety of challenges including; located within the rail corridor, located within busy highway median, located adjacent to residential homes and commercial businesses. NJ Construction employed a full time environmental officer managing our environmental strategy including property owner liaison, weed management, soil water management and monitoring of compliance with the project environmental plan.

Planning of the works required significant planning and consultation of a large group of stakeholders. NJ Construction designed and installed aerial “curtains” to prevent the travel of blast media to sensitive areas.

This work was delivered to the satisfaction of Powerlink Queensland with no environmental incidents, no quality non-conformance’s and no lost time injuries.

Key project


  • Aerial curtains installed
  • Minor clearing and earthworks
  • Removal and disposal of hazardous paints