Transgrid Bathurst

The scope of the project was to install OPGW on over 300 towers near Bathurst, NSW. This project is was valued at $5.3mill.

This involved stringing OPGW on TL72 330kV/132kV Tower Line of 67 Structures, and the Installation of OPGW on TL949 132kV Pole Line of 270 Structures including Earth peak upgrades.

This project faced a few challenges such as difficult terrain and bad weather which caused significant delays and disruption to the program. To combat this alternative sections were prepared in advance to allow for quick access to out of order sections when required. We also proposed an Accelerated program with additional plant and resources to maximise efficiency and maintain cost.

This project was completed on target.

Key project


  • Highly Varied Terrain
  • Substantial Weather Challenges
  • High Voltage Overhead