Collinsville to Proserpine

The Collinsville to Proserpine 132kV line project is a Transmission Line Tower Refurbishment project. This project is valued at $13.5mil and is a current project expected to be completed Sept 2018.

Included in this project is Bolt and Bolt step replacement, member replacement, surface preparation, paint application, Anti-climb rectification and Installation and signage replacement.

One of the main issues on this job has been cyclones. Due to the area which is Cyclone prone adjustments have had to be made to continue to meet project requirements.

There are also strict requirements on who can be an access recipient, which has been something we have needed to focus on when trying to find and hire the right workforce. Both of these challenges have allowed us work on the way we do things. This has allowed us the opportunity to increase efficiency of potential Work Areas when undertaking blast activates.

This project is running well and is currently on target.

Key project


  • Transmission Line Refurbishment
  • Substantial Weather Challenges
  • Environmentally Sensitive Conditions
  • High Voltage Overhead