Mackay Area Transmission Line Life Extension Works

NJ Construction has completed the Mackay Area Transmission Line Life Extension works for Powerlink. This involved the tower refurbishment of 132kV transmission Line Towers in the Mackay Area, QLD. The value of the project is $14 Million.

The Work included the installation of ground earthing systems, strengthening of foundations, replacement of steel members and bolts, replacement of line fittings, installation of anti-climb devices and the surface preparation and painting of the whole tower.

The terrain varies from steep bush areas to low lying crops. NJ Construction had a full time environmental officer managing our environmental strategy including property owner liaison, weed management, soil water management and monitoring of compliance with the project environmental plan.

This tower refurbishment project was undertaken with a single circuit outage and NJ Construction qualified and accredited personnel took the role of access permit recipients.

Due to the need to remove the overhead earth wire (OHEW) and conductors during replacement of critical steel members, extensive engineering analysis of the tower stability has been undertaken when developing Safe Work Method Statements.

Key project


  • $14 million infrastructure project
  • Extensive Environmental Analysis
  • Highly varied terrain