Hunter Water

The Hunter Water High Voltage Network Upgrade project in Newcastle is a design and construct refurbishment Project for Hunter Water. It involves the analysis of 8 main feeders and the completion of upgrading them for current supply demands, including adding OPGW. The total cost of this project will be 7.5mill.

This High Voltage Network Upgrade project involves upgrading 33kv networks, including pole changes, re-conductering, overhead earth wire installation, redesign.

Due to the fact this job is being undertaken on the Newcastle Bore fields this job has been challenging in relation to changing out of poles due to the main soil type being sand and high water levels in the bore fields. This has required us to come up with innovative ways to change out poles, and complete stay installations.

Being in an area close to water with lots of hills, this job has a high number of Heritage listed poles due to the aboriginal presence in the past. This has involved NJ Construction going through the process of working with Hunter Water to get Heritage permits to be able to work in the Heritage pole areas. It has been a challenge for Hunter Water to acquire these permits and a learning experience for everyone on site.

This project also has a high number of road crossings that has involved the engagement of local traffic control. This has been easy to organize and implement.

At this stage this project is running smoothly and NJ Construction has dealt with all the challenges in a timely matter to the satisfaction of the client.

Key project


  • Demolition of Exiting Structures
  • Design and Construct
  • Environmentally Sensitive Conditions
  • High Voltage Overhead and Underground Infrastructure