Gullen Range Wind Farm

NJ Construction successfully completed the construction of the interconnection project between the two halves of the Gullen Range Wind farm, near Bannister NSW. The value of the project was $2.4 Million and took 6months to complete in 2013.

The activities included construction of a 33kv Transmission line which became the internal connection between the two halves of the Wind Farm.

The site was challenging as the team was working in area where they had to deal with snow showers and Sub Zero temperatures as well as high winds. This is not a normal situation for NJ Construction and we worked with our onsite OHS officer to make sure the needs of the staff and the needs of the project were being met at all times.

This job was also in area that had highly varied terrain and required substantial earthworks during the construction phase. This challenge was easily met due to NJ Construction having access to quality plant designed for harder situations such as the Soilmec Pilling Rig which can drill through rock and is a small machine that can go into areas bigger plant can’t.

This project was delivered in a timely manner to a high Standard.

Key project


  • High Voltage
  • Environmentally Sensitive conditions
  • Construction only
  • Highly Varied Terrain
  • Substantial Weather Challenges- Snow, sub zero temperatures