Boggabri Coal Mine

The Boggabri 11Kv Relocation project was an expansion project for the Boggabri Coal Mine. Completed under very strict mining rules this project was undertaken to expand the mines capacity of coal from 1.6Mtpa to 6.5Mtpa. This involved the upgrading, relocating, and building of new power lines. This project was valued at $1.5mill and took roughly 4months to complete.

This project included a new rail line, Haul Road modifications, a new 132kV Transmission line, expanded mine infrastructure and supply, construct, test and commission of approximately 8km of 11kv overhead lines and associated underground lines.

This project was subjected to significant rain delays as the rain made site access impossible. This was an issue we worked with Boggabri Coal Mine to make sure the time was made up and the project delivered in a time frame that did not hold up the production of the mine.

This project was delivered successful with no major delays to the mine.

Key project


  • Extensive Traffic Management
  • Excavation
  • High voltage overhead and underground infrastructure
  • Construct
  • Substantial Weather Issues